Fuertenduro brings you closer to the heart of the Island, through majestic tracks and routes where only a motorcycle or a Majorero goat cantravel!

Accompanied by a qualifiedinstructor, you only need to have alittle experience of driving amotorcycle with manual gearbox,to enjoy the excursions previously investigated and adapted by Fabrizio to the different needs (technical and physical) of each client.

We provide all the equipment necessary (helmet; boots; pants; protectors; etc.) for each client to enjoy the adventure with maximum security and tranquility.


This kind of vehicle is environmentally safe and also infinitely more efficient for explorations than vehicles with 4 wheels. This will permit us to traverse the island discovering the secrets and the marvelous views of the interior, mostly inaccessible to the majority of conventional vehicles. We have invested much time and effort in creating this new way of discovering the island for you to enjoy. A way wehave called: